Pedro Sánchez Terraf

Assistant Professor at FaMAF - UNC - Argentina

Mathematical Competitions

  • Honorable mention in “Olimpíada Iberoamericana Universitaria de Matemática” (formerly Colombian University Mathematical Olympiad) (1999).
  • Third place (team with R. Heluani) in “Ernesto Paenza” University Mathematical Contest (1999); sixth place (team with J. S. Rodríguez) (2000).
  • Jury for the Argentinean Mathematical Olympiad (Olimpíada Matemática Argentina, OMA) (2001-2010).
  • Jury for the OMA Final Round (2005, 2008, 2009, 2015).
  • Jury (Coordinator) in the $ 53^{\mathrm{rd}}$ “International Mathematical Olympiad”, Mar del Plata, Argentina (2012).

  • Interview in “Rumbos” weekly magazine, concerning mathematical teaching and “Ernesto Paenza” Mathematical Contest (October 14 $ ^\mathsf{th}$, 2007).

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